Holiday cheer in Rivellon with Divinity Original Sin!
Holiday cheer in Rivellon with Divinity Original Sin! We visit Immaculate Prison before moving on to Phantom Forest...
Back into the land of Divinity: Original Sin! Narc has some new hardware.
More Immaculates to kill in #divinityoriginalsin as well as meeting an old friend of Bairdotr's.
Narc confirms he isn't dead and we take another crack at immaculate whacko Loic.
Time to infiltrate the cult of the immaculates.
Back to Divinity Original Sin, where we are facing the invulnerable Death Knights!
We go down into the mine, where things are not what we expected.
Boreas dead and his brethren freed from their elemental prison by the elemental forge, it's time to free the White Witch as well.
We break into the slain King Boreas' treasure room, then help break his siblings out of their elemental prison.
After leveling up we take another swing at King Boreas.
We correct our misunderstandings about Boreas before looking for some other targets in freezing Hiberheim.
Trying to get into King Boreas' wintry castle...
Still looking for the white witch in the winter wonderland of Hiberheim...
We find the White Witch's apprentice but are unable to save her.