Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

The latest iteration of Sid Meier's famous strategy game series doesn't get listed on most sites as being a cooperative game, but that's only because how most alliances are temporary. That certainly doesn't need to stop you from getting together online with a few friends to beat up on the AI (or try to) before turning on each other!
Right now, OSX versions of both Civ IV and Civ V are available as part of the latest charity-supporting Humble Bundle. In the basic bundle, Civ IV is the only one of the games with a Mac-compatible version, but if you pay more than the average price (currently a smidge above $8) you also get Civ V and the Gods and Kings DLC.  
There's also a non-Steam version with only LAN multiplayer available on the Mac App Store, and is NOT part of the Humble Bundle. Only Steam versions are in the Bundle.

Crossplat Notes: 
The version from the Mac App store is a non-Steam version and so supports only LAN multiplayer.
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Crossplatform Multiplayer: 


Games that allow some modes of crossplatform multiplayer but not others, or those that have some interoperable as well as non-interoperable platform versions. (For instance, PC and Mac versions of some games are cross-platform compatible with each other, but iOS, Android, and Xbox 360 versions are often not compatible either with each other or desktop versions.


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