Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Built from the ground up for cooperative play and supporting OSX, Linux, and Windows, Left 4 Dead 2 definitely belongs on this list. And for a short time during the holidays in 2013, Steam offers the game for free!

Cooperative Notes: 
Cooperative is just the way this game is played. You can solo the campaign and let the AI handle the other survivors, but the game is designed to be played cooperatively.
Crossplat Notes: 
According to the wiki, crossplatform play is supported between Mac and PC versions (and I assume Linux as well.) No mention on Steam, but it's a fair bet that the console version does not support any type of crossplatform play.
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Crossplatform Multiplayer: 


Games that allow some modes of crossplatform multiplayer but not others, or those that have some interoperable as well as non-interoperable platform versions. (For instance, PC and Mac versions of some games are cross-platform compatible with each other, but iOS, Android, and Xbox 360 versions are often not compatible either with each other or desktop versions.


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