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UPDATE: Aurora Novum is now public! Our Build the Marathon series has finally reached its final stage. Using Galacticraft rockets, Mekanism power and IndustrialCraft tools (along with many, many others) we finally reached Mars, found Deimos, established a base and have begun converting the moon Deimos into the well known colony ship from Bungie's classic science fiction shooter. What will follow is a lot of crafting and placing blocks, which doesn't make for exciting watching (or playing, for that matter). We are going to continue the series, with less frequent episodes, focusing on showing off large finished areas and completed levels, or interesting features. In the meantime, we're creating a new series to give us an excuse to jump into some unexplored territory in Minecraft, and to that end, we're creating a new server with an almost completely different selection of mods. High technology is out. Dungeons, monsters and magic are in. Here is a list of mods we are working on for inclusion in this series. If we are able to get permission for all of them, we will make a public modpack from them in the Technic Launcher. If we're able to get permission for most of them, we may make an incomplete pack and then just advise players to download the extra mods separately directly from the threads, if that is what those mod authors want. Who knows, perhaps we'll even open up the server at some point! As with our other series, we're doing this for fun-- there is no advertising and no money being charged to anyone for anything. Here is a full list of mods, with permissions:

If you're looking through any of the coop games for OSX for sale at Good Old Games, note that from now on, they're offering a money-back guarantee.

I've opened this site to make a home for content that doesn't really belong on, because of that site's focus on Bungie. So here's where I'm coming from. For the past several years I've been working on Bungie fansite Its major focus since its founding in 1999 as "The Core" was Bungie's sci fi shooter franchise, Halo. I became a Bungie fan in the 90s for several reasons: they made good games, and they made them for Macs, which was the platform I migrated to after the Commodore Amiga became unviable. But that's another story. When Jason Jones joined Steve Jobs on stage in New York during MacWorld in 1999, it seemed like a new age might be dawning for gaming on the Mac platform. After making the excellent Myth RTT games as crossplatform titles, Bungie was returning to sci fi with a new shooter game. It would be on Macs as well as PCs in 2000. Then everything changed. Microsoft bought Bungie; Bungie made Halo an Xbox exclusive, and Microsoft replaced the Xbox with the Xbox 360. I replaced my Xbox 360s when they broke (sometimes for free, sometimes not) so I could keep playing Halo. Bungie kept making Halo games-- even past the point where it seemed, at least to me, that they wanted to. Now independent from Microsoft, Bungie is making a new sci fi shooter franchise for current and next-generation consoles. I don't need to worry about what I'll be playing Destiny on, because there will be a 360 version. Perhaps I'll have a decision to make when the sequel comes out; Bungie is being cagey about a PC version of the game, to say nothing of a version for OSX. In the meantime, online play became not just a desired feature but a required one, and online coop was added to Bungie games new and old. Over at, Blackstar and I are currently playing through the Marathon series in cooperative mode using the community-built open source Aleph One engine, despite being on opposite sides of the globe. It's a blast. I want more.