We finally enter the Source Temple to look for Leandra!

Having found the missing blood stones, we return to Hunter's Edge to start the fracas.

Some Orcs need to get their drank on.
No more imps dying to fireballs.
So Nadia decided to give us all her stuff.
Going back to clear some old unfinished quests.
We try again to defeat the demon who tricked Jahan.
Jahan finally meets the devil he made a deal with.
Something new-- a sibling stream featuring Jillybean & Ruth / Blackstar & Narcogen playing physics puzzle game Human Fall Flat.
Deeper into the Druid Dungeon.
Exploring more of Phantom Forest
Cleaning up some old areas before taking on Death Knights.
Looking for pants in all the wrong places
Taking out the Rat King and looking for villagers in all the wrong places #divinityoriginalsin
Going to try and figure out the secret to safely entering the Knight's Tomb.